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HMS Surprise hauled out for repairs

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very cool.  In other news, it looks like I'm going to sail on Pride Of Baltimore 2 this summer, stand by for performance report.

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In brtian we have HMS Victory whcih is beening repired and we are slowy but shouerly getting it done and plus it is still in active servise as Flagship of the First Sea Lord.

But after the battle of Battle of Trafalgar (1805) she was badly damaged in the battle and was not able to move under her own sail. On 7 November 1812, when she was moored in Portsmouth Harbour and used as a depot ship. This was not untill the 1889's, when Victory was fitted up as a Naval School of Telegraphy. Then In 1903, HMS Neptune was being towed to the breakers yard when she broke free and ploughed into Victory, holing her below the waterline. Emergency repairs were carried out to stop her sinking, but it was only the personal intervention of Edward VII that prevented Victory from being scrapped. By 1921, she was in a very poor state, and the Save the Victory campaign was started. On 12 January 1922, she was moved into No. 2 dock at Portsmouth. Her condition having deteriorated to the extent that she could no longer safely remain afloat. The decision to restore Victory to her Battle of Trafalgar configuration was taken in 1920, but the need to undertake important repairs meant this was not achieved until 2005.


The restoration is worth £16 million.


We in the end did get it done but as you can see we took a long time to get it done.

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