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French Frigate L'Hermione

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Hermione is one well known frigate to have carry General Lafayette when this one was reaching the America. It has been rebuild since 1997 in Rochefort in france. You can see many movie on youtube or

L'Hermione has captured the USS Mitcher and escorts its Prize.

The cast iron of the cannons started this month (in French): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xbFHboB5Hc   The hull has been launched in 2012 and the sailing tests should begin this year:    

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09.09.2019 в 11:00 Суркуф сказал:

Ассоциация Гермиона-Ла Фейет работает над будущими поездами, но не исправлена. Фрегат не будет плавать в 2020 году, вероятно, в 2021 году. Это долгий путь, но мы ждем и работаем над сайтом. :)

Фрегат Гермионы плавает в далеких водах? Америка? Карибы? Or only along the coast of Europe?

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16 hours ago, DeRuyter said:

@Surcouf Did I read that she has new Captain?


Yes, there is a new commander. It comes from the French clipper the Belem. He's a merchant navy officer.
Yann Cariou did not leave l'Hermione but he gave up the command for a time to another. So we now have two commanders for l'Hermione.
It allows for a rotation and a backup commander if one of them has an accident at sea, or is sick.



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1 hour ago, Medniy Sandal said:

Фрегат Гермионы плавает в далеких водах? Америка? Карибы? Or only along the coast of Europe?

I don't know. Probably a long trip. Kind of like the Göthenborg did.
It will certainly be far from the European coasts. It's still under study, which is one of the reasons why the frigate will not be sailing this year.

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