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French Frigate L'Hermione

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Such a beautiful ship indeed... the Devs did a great job modeling her in game too... and she is actually pretty good as well as a patrol ship.

Love this post!

Three cheers for the frigates and their gallant Captains! Salute the brave and terrified souls that served on them... bravo!

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Hermione is one well known frigate to have carry General Lafayette when this one was reaching the America. It has been rebuild since 1997 in Rochefort in france. You can see many movie on youtube or

L'Hermione has captured the USS Mitcher and escorts its Prize.

The cast iron of the cannons started this month (in French): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xbFHboB5Hc   The hull has been launched in 2012 and the sailing tests should begin this year:    

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The frigate is not open to the public while sailing. Specific training is required. Now at about 800€ (~5300 rubles?), then 15€ (~950 rubles?) per day of navigation.

I did the formation free of charge in 2016 and I don't pay for many days of navigation because I will work on the yard when the frigate isn't sailing.

2 working days = 1 day of free sailing

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41 minutes ago, Surcouf said:

Фрегат не открыт для публики во время плавания. Требуется специальная подготовка. Сейчас около 800 € (~ 5300 руб.?), Затем 15 € (~ 950 руб.?) За день навигации.

Я сделал формирование бесплатно в 2016 году, и я не плачу за много дней навигации, потому что я буду работать на дворе, когда фрегат не плывет.

2 рабочих дня = 1 день свободного плавания

A copy of the frigate Standart was built in St. Petersburg (long time ago). Civilians are allowed to go there, and during their voyage to the sea they do the work of the team. 
I thought that the L'Hermione frigate had the same system.

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The Shtandart frigate is smaller and "simpler". It takes 10 to 20 sailors to sail the Shtandart, while it takes a minimum of 80 sailors for the Hermione, and after a few storms we find that 80 sailors is too few. We're going to try to put 100 sailors in the next few sailings.

Several sailors from the Hermione sailed on the Shtandart. We often see it in France. They are great sailors and we respect them a lot!

In winter 2018/2019 the Shtandart spent its winter at La Rochelle, 20 minutes by car from Rochefort (Hermione's home port), the crew of the shtandart came aboard to visit us.

There are big differences between the two frigates:

sail area = 660 m² (14 sails)
synthetic sails
Tonnage: 220 t

The Hermione:
sail area = 2100 m² (17 sails)
linen sails
Tonnage: 1100 t

The big advantage of the Shtandart is that they can navigate very easily and much more than the Hermione... A day of sailing on the Hermione costs about 10000€!!!!!!!!!!!


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Great stuff, and now we have al those modern day tools, navigation, safety precautions etc, i can only imagine how life must have been on a frigate 200 years ago..damn hard life for sure.


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