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[Portugal] Ships of the Line


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Just a few examples.
Not quite sure about what time period i should be aiming, so i went late 17th early 19th century.


Príncipe Real (1771-1822):

Tonnage: 3500 tons.
Lenght: 66 meters.
Underwater height: 7 meters

Guns: 90
Crew: 950

- Was the most powerful warship ever built by Portugal.
- Originally built to carry 80 cannons it could carry 110.
- In the beginning of her career assures the safety of the straits of Gibraltar.
- Sent to the Mediterranean integrated in the Portuguese fleet, in 1788, to help the British forces of Lord Nelson.
- Till 1800 remains in the Mediterranean under the command of the Admiral Marquis de Nisa.
- 1807 is sent to Brazil carrying the Portuguese King and court.
- In 1822 is integrated in the new Brazilian Navy.


[1] - http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-fNQJOMNOy94/UxoZQPqN2PI/AAAAAAAAhE0/9ikr_zupEAk/s1600/chegadaRioDJoaoVI.jpg

Princesa Carlota (1791-1812):

- Fifth Class Ship of the Line.
- 44 cannons
- crew: 320 minimum.
- Atlantic patrol, fought in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1801.


[1] - http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-oUENJATQSdU/Tjg6p-jTNoI/AAAAAAAAAIs/SrIUXSERu5w/s1600/Fragata+princesa+Carlota+44+pe%25C3%25A7as+de+Artilharia.jpg

Nª Srª da Vitória (1735 -1746):

- Ship with 74 cannons, launched in Lisbon in 19 of August 1935.
- 1736 - 1737 Was the lead ship of the Rio da Prata Squadron, in 1739 fought the pirate forces of Angirá in India.
- Was lost returning to the Kingdom in the Mascaregnes.

Nª Srª da Arrábida (1736-1744):

- Ship with 62 cannons, Launched in Lisbon in the 9th of July 1736.
- Took part in operations in Rio da Prata 1736-37.
- Was a ship used in the trade routes of India.
- Demolished the 23rd February 1744, deemed incapable.

Nª Srª da Conceição (1701- 1724):

- Ship with 80 cannons, built in Lisbon in 1701.
- Went to the rescue of Venice in 1716, and the Battle of Cape Matapan in 1717 as lead Ship.

Nª Srª da Assunção (1705-1731):

- Ship with 66 cannons.
- Went to the rescue of Gibraltar in 1705, to the rescue of Venice in 1716 and the battle of Cape Matapan in 1717.

Nª Srª da Glória (1692-1707):

- Ship with 60 cannons, built in Porto in 1692.
- Fought in Surrate in 1697, rescuing Mombaça in 1698, in an expedition to Mombaça in 1699 and again fought in Surrate in 1704.
- Dismantled in Goa (Portuguese India Territory) in 1707.

Will try to focus on more details about this ships.
Number of sails and surface, crew, gun disposition and so on.

More recent ships with pictures and quite detailed:

Dom Fernando II e Glória (1845 - 1878 )

- Was the last Sailship built by Portugal, constructed in Portuguese Damão, India.
- 50 cannons (28 in battery, 22 on deck) , lenght 86,75 meters, sails surface 2 052,2 square meters (m2) , crew 145 minimum.


[1] - http://cdn2.shipspotting.com/photos/middle/8/4/8/154848.jpg
[2] - http://www.rotasturisticas.pt/imagens/visitar/pt/large/photos1-6951-almada_fragata_dom_fernando_ii_e_gloria.jpg

Further sources:

Pdf. Book with all the ship references and details:

- Publication by the Centre of research and naval studies, Portuguese Navy

Wiki (not really a good source at the moment, just to check some names): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ships_of_the_Portuguese_Navy#Sail_battleships_.28ships_of_the_line.29

Battle of Cape Matapan (since its mencioned twice): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Matapan


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Wow fantastic book database (the 1rst link) I hope Portugal come eventually into NA when map expands or grows. Interesting that a some ships where build in India like N.S. do Pilar.


PD: Lots of interesting names for ships too :)

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