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A very interesting Vessel with an Unusual name. HMS Black Joke



Class and type: Baltimore clipper Tons burthen: Approx. 260 ton (bm) Length: 90 ft 10 in (27.69 m)[1] Beam: 26 ft 7 in (8.10 m)[1] Sail plan: Brig Complement: 34 sailors & 5 marines Armament: One 18-pounder cannonpivot-mounted






  • Vengador – 45 men and 8 guns (645 slaves freed)
  • Carolina – 2 guns (420 slaves freed)
  • Dos Amigos – 34 men, 1 gun (567 slaves freed)
  • El Almirante – 80 men and 14 guns (466 slaves freed)

HMS Black Joke chased the El Almirante for over 31 hours before capturing her.





She was built in 1824 in Baltimore.She was armed with............................ONE  18 Pdr Long canon on a novel swivel mount.She captured more Slaves that the WHOLE of the anti Slaver Fleet did combined!

She also took on the Pirate Vessel Presidente,Black Joke was massivley outgunned and after 2 hours of continuous action Presidente Struck her Colours.Her crew were conveyed to Great Britain to face Charges of "Piracy on the High Seas"

By all accounts her Captain Lt William Turner(yes i know.......POTC!!) was something of a master Mariner and well up on his Combat Skills,


She was eventually burnt as her timbers were now rotten and Their Lordships deemed that"She is not,In Our Opinion,a Vessel Calculated Fit for HM Service" 



The Surgeon aboard HMS Dryad commented that".....She has done more towards putting an end to the vile traffic of Slaves than all of the Ships of the Station combined" 

Edited by Sir Cloudsley-Shovell
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