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Age of Sail Replica Ships.

Sir Cloudsley-Shovell

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I really enjoyed this topic!  Seeing all the wonderful pictures and reading all of your posts is really fun!  Thank you for posting up on this topic and adding all of those photo's and you tube videos!  This is truly an age of history that should get more attention these days.  These ships were simply stunning!  The stories behind those ships are amazing as well. 

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Replicas for tourists:

Black Pearl - based in Gdansk


Galleon Lew 


Galleon Dragon - based in Gdynia


Here is interesting picture from shipyard during building of ship replica Marie Amelie - destination port somwhere in Caribbean:) wonder how fast she can sail:)



And finally Galleon Neptune - used in famous Polanski movie form 1986 - Pirates - curently docked at Genua:


None of the images are showing anymore. Are you able to find them again and repaste?

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