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Sir Cloudsley-Shovell

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The San Salvador was built in a parking lot temporarily given to the museum for the purpose by the Port Authority.  There were some serious problem with the initial construction methods they wanted to use, and it ended up in a lot of wasted time and money.  Initially they'd planned to use laminated frames that they were going to make onsite, I forget the wood they wanted to use, but I want to say it was some type of oak or pine.  The bonding material they were going to use simply didn't work.  Most of it didn't bond properly to the wood, and even when it did it had trouble handling the stresses.  The manufacturer sent someone out to make sure it was being mixed and applied properly, which it was; but it still wasn't working as advertised.  Last I heard there was the possibility of a lawsuit if the manufacturer didn't refund the museum, not sure what happened with that though.  In the end they used live oak frames, and some (very expensive) purple heart for other components of the structure.  Now for  the pictures, I put them in links because some are quite large.


Once they got all that sorted out, they could actually get started: http://i.imgur.com/kKIk7Gh.jpg


After they got started things moved along fairly quickly.  There was a core paid shipwright staff supported by many of the museum's volunteers: http://i.imgur.com/XBL07jm.jpg


Started planking: http://i.imgur.com/tp8uG3s.jpg


And a recent shot with everyone who worked on her: http://i.imgur.com/0uWwBvU.jpg


Close up: http://i.imgur.com/6InPotp.jpg


Once she was completed, they had to figure out what to do with her.  This has been another fiasco, they finally settled on something like Plan G to get her into the water.  Originally she was going to be put on a trailer, towed down Harbor Drive, and craned into the water; this is the exact same route and method as they used to launch Californian in 1984.  That didn't work out for various reasons, and lots of other plans were created and scrapped.  Some involved the Navy, some involved an enormous floating crane from LA.  Finally they settled on a plan to get San Salvador onto a barge and launch her with the TraveLift at Marine Group.  So first, a company that moves houses and other buildings was brought in to lift the ship and rotate her 90 degrees so she was inline with the barge.  Here's a picture of them preparing for that: http://i.imgur.com/ZjQZoi4.jpg


Then they had to get her onto the barge: http://i.imgur.com/t2Ucf03.jpg


Which they did: http://i.imgur.com/UycudGf.jpg


Then she went on her first short trip past Naval Base Coronado: http://i.imgur.com/kab7AQb.jpg


Into the TraveLift at Marine Group: http://i.imgur.com/T7QyDxE.jpg


Then to the first picture I posted earlier.  Hopefully we'll have more news about an actual launch.  Let me know if you have any questions.




Eh, bugger the San Salvador. :P


What's the ship with the two masts that's behind Surprise? You can see the masts over Surprise's mizzen area. 


She's a modern ketch by the look of it, I don't know anything about her.

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Jack Feathersword posted a while ago that he'd post some pics of the HM Bark Endeavour Replica in Darling Harbour Sydney Australia. Perhaps he forgot, so I've taken the liberty :








Also a couple of the Norfolk Sloop Replica which was built in Tasmania. The original was built on Norfolk Island in 1798, and was most famous for the the first circumnavigation of Tasmania by George Bass and Matthew Flinders :





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The Dutch Batavia was originally build on the Pepperwarf in Amsterdam in 1628 by order of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). It was specially designed to to make the long journey (9 months) to and from the East Indies. The reconstruction of the Batavia started in 1985 on the shipwarf of Almere, The Netherlands.

The master shipbuilder Willem Vos only used original materials and building methods. The Batavia is built entirely out of Danish Oak and is decorated with several hundred hand-carved figures and ornaments.

On the 7th of April in the year 1995 A.D. the Batavia was christened and launched by the hand of her Royal Highness Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, first of her name.






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Libava - wooden replica of a 17th century ship 
used by Jacob Kettler to colonise Tobago and parts of Gambia

The power-sail yacht "Libava" is laid on Petrozavodsk shipyard "Varyag" in May, 2007, floated in September 2008. The ship was made according to the traditions occurred three centuries ago. Its length is only 17 meters, but it is worth arguing with the wind and waves. The hull is made of selected wood, on board a reliable and powerful engine and modern navigational equipment - for safety at sea taken seriously. 


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The Batavia

Currently they are building the "Zeven provincien" at the same wharf.

[Edit] here is a link to the page with some background information about the build


The Batavia

Currently they are building the "Zeven provincien" at the same wharf.

[Edit] here is a link to the page with some background information about the build


Your information is not correct, The 7 Provinces will not be build anymore since the warf is nearly bankrupt!




The Amsterdam Dutch East India Man (replica) 1749 & The Royal Yacht The Utrecht 1746

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De Delft is a very slow and timeconsuming proces. In May this year the organization made public that it is no longer meant to become a sailing replica. They just want to show how shipbuilding was done in those days. They offer the oportunity to students to learn something about this old processes as somekind of internship.

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