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Age of Sail Replica Ships.

Sir Cloudsley-Shovell

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Here in Spain we have the Santi, its an unaccurate repoduction... it's like a floating pub for tourists... Atleast it look's cool, from the outside.


Here you have a few pics: 



Holy Jesús, I never knew that the pictures I take with my phone would be so big...






Could an admin or mod be kind enough to tell me if I need to remove the pics, I didn't knew they were so... oversized.


(PD: Can someone tell me how can I make an image a spoiler, so it doesn't take the entire screen to show it)

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Kalmar Nyckel  (Calmare Nyckel )


Built in Holland (1625), bought by The Swedish Southern Company (1628) and was 1 of 2 ships that brought most of the Swedish colonist to New Sweden ( Delaware ) It sunk in late 1600's  A replica was built in Delaware in 1997






Maybe add it ingame as a low level / very light  tradeship?

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Le Renard (cutter)










La Recouvrance (shooner)








L'Hermione (frigate)








L'Étoile du Roy (frigate, but I find it very ugly, and that frigate is absolutely not representative of French frigate, that's just my opinion)





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Yes, L'Étoile du Roy (AKA, Grand Turk) is not a replica of any vessel that every existed. She is a movie prop and highly anachronistic/inaccurate.


Very odd to see that photo of Hermione where they have reefed only the main and foretopsails. Normally, you must reef the mizzen topsail first. Maybe she is a slack ship.

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That's the scale model at Whitby, the port where the original was built, it's about half the size. There's a full size one on the Tees river, just up the coast from Whitby, though it's not an authentic reconstruction.

There's an even smaller scale replica in New Zealand which sailed around Australia too.

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