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Navigating with Google Maps is just no fun.  Here are some glorious period maps of the Caribbean with flavor that makes things a bit more interesting:




I love all the annotations on this 1720 map, with helpful tips for English sea captains.




A hundred years later (1818) and you have a more accurate, easier to read map.  (edit: thread merged, already posted above)




Nice and clear map from 1790, but fewer towns labelled.




This 1806 map is huge and would be easy to add additional annotations to.

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Lots of beautiful french, english, dutch (...) nautical charts and map : http://gallica.bnf.fr (a french online library)


Example : a french 1749 nautical chart of La Martinique (a french Caribbean island) :



Chart under Gallica's licence (non-commercial uses are free of charge) : http://gallica.bnf.fr/html/conditions-use-gallicas-contents


PS : a collection of small-scale nautical charts (one for each Caribbean island like this one) would be great  ;) .


PS 2 : to look for charts on this french site, you may need some french words such as : carte nautique, Antilles, XVIII ème siècle and french names of the Islands...

You can also type english words for english items... 

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