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Join The Nya Sverige (New Sweden) Trading Company Please Read!

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Calling All Explorers, Soldiers, and Business-Men of the Seas!


These Being of the Highest Order!




Join the Nya Sverige Handelsföretag


Before you leave because playing Sweden is virtually impossible, read this!

We will be playing neutral simply because trading and exploring will be done at a

much more efficient and productive rate than if we were at war with everybody. The soldiering aspect

of the New Sweden Trading Company will come in the form of defence ships lending their superb fighting and

sailing skills to the protection of the explorers or traders, or swearing allegiance to Sweden at the beginning.





New Sweden Trading Company!

Vällkommen till den Nya Sverige Handelsföretag! Ok, I won't try to
continue in my mediocre Swedish abilities. I will, however, continue to tell you all about the wonderful opportunity you have to become a member of the greatest international -- yes, it is not just Swedish, although we are based there -- enterprise since IKEA! You will receive full trading rights in the new found land of the Caribbean and will be able to trade goods between those beautiful tropical ports. Naval Action has a lot to offer for us so take this once in a lifetime chance to become a member and partner in the Nya Sverige Trading Company! Why risk crossing the dread pirate Stede Bonnet? Why risk jibbing in a 15 knot wind storm? So you can get that gold! Why get that gold? Are you seriously asking that?



So what the hell are you waiting for? Join the Steam Group Nya Sverige Trading Company or add Kmdr 1.GR Holm on Steam!

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Ranks of the New Sweden Trading Company



Kommendör 1.GR (Commodore)

Myself, Kommendör 1.GR Holm

(changed my name too much this much so can't change it as of now)



Kommendör (Captain)




Örlogskapten (Lieutenant Commander)



Kapten (Lieutenant)




Löjtnant (Lieutenant Jr. Gr.)




Fänrik (Ensign)

For New Recruits




I won't go into the lower ranks because as we will each be controlling our own vessel, lower ranks will not be needed.

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Hej Kommendör 1.GR Holm

Jag tackar för jobbet du lagt ned på att skapa Nya Sverige Handelsföretag

Känner mig intresserad av att ansöka.

Det som jag känner för är eskorttjänst, jag är en pvp spelare.

Har du tänkt att ha eskortfartyg i handelsföretaget eller köpa in tjänsten?

Ha det bra


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Uppdatering av Nya Sverige Handelsföretag

(Update on New Sweden Trading Company)



Hej alla,


I just wanted to let people know some of our company contact info. 


​Our website is: newswedentrading.enjin.com


Our Steam Group: Nya Sverige Trading Company


Our Teamspeak 3 Server: sharpless.se


Contact or hop on any of these to contact me.


Tack så mycket igen!

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