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'L Ambitieux' French 2nd rate 1680 (With Plans)

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+1. So beautiful ! Thank you very much.


Just a boring grammatical detail (of no importance) : it is "L'Ambitieux", not "Le Ambitieux".

In French, " Le " becomes " L' "  if the following noun begins with a vowel (A, E, I, O, U, Y) or, in most cases, with the letter "H".

See http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/4361-french-ship-names-in-age-of-sail/?hl=french+ship+name


I know, I know...  ;)

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Did it really have that color-scheme? It looks really nice! 


Honestly I am hoping we can paint our ships in our own color schemes at some point in the open world anyway but yeah this ship is very nicely painted.  

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Good morning

I built this ship in 1:33 scale
Unfortunately, only it has plans for the construction of the hull.

I come from Poland .

Maybe some of you dyspnuje Plans whole .

I tried to piece together these plans , but they are vaguely askew poskanowane and hard to match

As if anyone could help me I'll be really grateful.

Or maybe somewhere in you somebody wants to sell Monographie DE L' AMBITIEUX - Vaisseau 3 ponts 1680

I could buy .

please do not publish your personal data in the forums. only harm can come from that

or here on the forum ,

If we want I can post a photo of my hull .

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That is a ship with a serious sense of occasion.


The current crop of ships of the line can be pretty plain but this one... magnificent. And then there's 17th-century details like the round gunports up top and the sprit topsail... who doesn't love a sprit topsail?


There may be some kinks concerning the armament - the threedecks page seems to suggest 96 guns, which doesn't match the nominal rating or second-rates of the period. The model seems to suggest a much more likely 82 guns with 4 stern chaser ports (there are bridle ports up front, but the bow chasers seem to be from four round gunports at forecastle height).


My guess: 28x 36-livre lower battery, 26x 18-livre middle battery, 24x 12-livre upper battery, 4x 6-livre quarter deck, capable of firing 4x12-livre guns in bow chaser position and 4x36-livre in stern chaser position (very doubtful it would have carried permanent stern chasers, but . Translating 36-livre to 42-pounders and the rest as is, a 978 pound broadside.

Add to that 730 crew, resilience and upwind sailing appropriate to its 17th century construction and rigging - not just a gorgeous ship, but potentially an interesting competitor to Bellona.

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