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east india company net worth today


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I think it's interesting, there have always been shadowy organizations and influential groups doing their best to control and manipulate the alrgest amount of people, but the East India Company was kind of the first megacorporation with that kind of power and a ton of it.


I think because of the sudden increase in possibility of transportation. Before that communities and people were more or less dependent on local sustainability (farming, etc) to survive, so how could one financial entity gain more than so much power over the essentials to life. Add in the advances in sea trade being able to haul goods without spoiling over seas and it kind of took a leap to where a much larger trade organization could have a certain degree of control over how well people lived.


Now look at today, we have plains and vehicles and it's never been more possible for a community or even a country to be completely dependent on foreign influences for its people to literally survive, and today we have more and more wealthy/powerful moneyed institutions all the time.

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