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Le Soleil Royal, 1670 (With Plans)

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Yes, I.m sorry...

Le Soleil Royal.


By L. Hubac


164' 6´´ - 44' 6´´ - 21'

28-gun of 36-pdr

30-gun of 18-pdr

28-gun of 12-pdr

20-fun of 6-pdr + 4-gun of 4-pdr

Total 110

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On 25/03/2015 at 10:55 AM, Sir_Wiener_Von_Snitzel said:

Le Soleil Royal (1670)


Displacement: 1,630 tonnes Length: 61 m (200 ft) Beam: 15.64 m (51.3 ft) Draught: 7.64 m (25.1 ft) Complement: 836 Armament: 104 guns:





LXwF6r5.jpg minipoupefinalpeg.jpg bjeICyw.jpg















Hi ,

ı need Le Soleil Royal Plans... ı f you send my mail ı'M very happy. My mail adress is [removed]



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Here are three paintings I found of the ship. I hope they make it closer on the first one:







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