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Auto-batteries and their unwillingness to follow orders!

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Hello, new registration for this particular bug-bear. Cannon batteries refuse (i would say 50% of the time) to fire at my chosen target. LOS is fine, range is good, but they try to fire solid shot at distant targets as opposed to cannister / shell at advancing columns / lines.

Frustratingly, although the auto option is available I am a classic micro manager and like to have total control. How do i stop these naughty auto-batteries from simply doing their own thing?

On the flip side I note that once i put them on shell for example they stay on shell and refuse to "auto" range fire - so they disobey in both ways. Frankly if I could afford to, i'd have them all placed over the barrel of their own guns like the Russians!

Any tips please?

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If your arty units refuses to target the assigned hostile unit, either its target is out of its individual line of sight or it is blocked by friendlies. If you have enabled the LoS Indicator (default option in Gameplay options), you can see the individual line of site for a few seconds when you select the unit. If you have disabled it then you have to hold left click shortly on it to see individual LoS.


If you order a unit to select a specific type of ammo then your unit will stick on that until you re-assign a new type of ammo (or Auto).

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