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The Union is way too outnumbered to win a straight up fight and simultaneously hold both victory points throughout the battle.

What I do as the Union is immediately pull back from the cemetery victory point and let the Rebs have it, concentrating all of my brigades on the other victory point. I also pull my cannon back and place them on the hill/farm south of the victory point where my forces are concentrated.

I fortify my brigades and concentrate fire on individual Reb brigades as the attack, turning them back one by one. As this goes on, I send arriving reinforcements to join my concentrated brigades. I just have all my brigades hold against the onslaught until the battle is almost over and at the last minute send several brigades in a sprint towards the cemetery and have them capture it just as the clock runs out.

You just have to play the clock because there is no way to defend both points.

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What the hell you are talking about ???

Its Night attack ! No Cemetary Hill VP.

Benners Hill, Culps Hill and Wolfs Hill and Rebs already occopy them and a good genaeral wont come down one fcking step except union is already exhausted and can be driven from the field.


Still havent found a winning strategy...


just like in"chance 2 change history" u need stupid or unexperienced Rebel General 2 win.

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I have played many times this battle as the US against Nick for testing. The situation is indeed very difficult for the US. They have the numbers but lack of elite units. In contrast, CS are outnumbered but have elite units and the best ground. Moreover the forest ground does not allow to exploit the US better numbers, since it will delay any advance, giving time to your opponent to prepare and shell you for long before you meet him.


The only chance for the US is to exploit darkness. Most suitable path for advance is one of the two edges of the map. There, there is some open ground that will allow your troops to move fast and attempt an outflanking. I had tried the left one, between Culp's and the left edge of the map. I used the dark and prepared the assault moving the majority of my forces unseen to the left but I kept some forces to commence a diversion attack at Wolf's.




When everything was set I launched the attack on Wolf's. I tried to "persuade" my opponent that this hill will be my main objective and lure him to converge some of the forces from Culp's and Benner's to repel the attack. I used the worst brigades, some batteries and the General. In the right moment I launched the main attack in column formation at the left (the best units should be assigned here). There is some good ground south of Culp's for the artillery to have good LoS on Culp's (stay alerted for the Louisiana Tigers and shell them if appear) but you gonna need some batteries as well for the main (far left) advance for canister.




The tactic is hard because soon you'll have many units at the edge and will be difficult to assign orders. Also you gonna need a couple of brigades to commence a suicidal assault on Culp's from the south, against the artillery. This is important so the opponent will be confused and split his attention to many locations, and most important, will attract his artillery fire, giving a chance to your main assaulting column to advance rapidly and take positions west of Culp's (avoid "Run" or use it for very short periods). When the main assault is on the move, move your General form the right to the left to support it. Also the units from Wolf's diversion assault (if they are still operational) should be re-assigned to converge to the center, between Culp's and Wolf's, to keep busy the opponent and if possible to block the transfer of forces to support Culp's. After a hard fight it is possible to seize Culp's with the superior numbers (and canister). Then move your remains there, re-deploy, recover and move on Benner's.


I have not managed to win this battle -my best performance was just to seize Culp's which I lost later- but if my opponent was not Nick I am sure I should. This tactic can be used the way around (main assault at the right). Effective coordination, moving unseen and right timing are the keys for the US to win at this map.   

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An Idea:

@ husserl that post #6 would be nice if you could repost that in the tutorial Thread?

 Better still Start a New Thread .....UG:G 'Battlefield Tactics'.....Pinned

I seen also that you have posted some other good Battlefield tactics in other threads

that seems, good/proven.....


This I believe would open discussions as to why certain Players in the same circumstances will think their Tactic is Better/Superior...

With that, simply put forth a challenge n take it to the Field, too duke it out....This could be interesting with

A.A.R. / Screenshot's....with following talks on to why the success or failure of said Tactic?

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