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'Konung Karl' Swedish 1st Rate, 108 Guns (1694)


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Konung Karl built in 1694 built by Charles Sheldon at the Karlskrona shipyard. named after King Carl, She was 54m (177ft) in length at the waterline and weighed in at 2,730 tons.

she was armed with 108 cannons and complemented a crew of 850. She remained in service for a suprising 77 years before being broken up do to decay. She served as the flagship for Hans Wachtmeister who served under Charles XI and Charles XII. She would be later up-gunned to 120 in 1714 and then rebuilt to 100 in 1723-4 although its suggested sometime later on she was again reduced to either 96 or 90.



  • 10 36-pounders
  • 22 24-pounders
  • 30 18-pounders
  • 28 8-pounders 
  • 14 4-pounders
  • +4 unlisted chasers

Broadside Weight: 854 Pounds





A painting giving the Port, Stern and Bow view of the ship



Fixed the Model Picture


I couldent find any blueprints, but I havent done a Huge ammount of digging for them yet. the Swedish Maratime Museum has thousands of documents that arnt listed online, so its alteast worth investigating.






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Any luck finding the plans?


Well I happend to have gone over to the WarArchives in Stockholm and requested the original plans which I got and I took pictures of it, I will upload the plans when I get home in this thread.

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And here we have a drawing made by Jacob Hägg who was a famous navalofficer and navalpainter in Sweden(1839-1931)



Edit: The ship drawing is most likely wrong





I've been looking around the archives trying to find some drawing or blueprints of the sterns artwork but no luck yet, I will head over to the marintime museum to look at the the original painting of the ship and dive into thier archives aswell, might find something there but at the least I will get som better quality pictures of the painting

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Reallllllly nice find, Ponk!! Thanks for sharing :)


And the War Archives, he? Would give my right hand to visit it some day. All the lovely plans by af Chapman....sigh. Maybe this summer a trip to Stockholm is in order :P

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Then you also missed Chapman´s proposals for a 94- and 110-gun ship :P

The 110-gun ship is in a dutch online archive, the 94 can be seen in Harris` biography about Chapman.



Edit: Looks like I already posted both. First page of the first thread in this subforum.

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Ah, this was the thread I was looking for! Nice job to Ponk on finding the blueprints. Do you think the same can be done for Stora Kronan? It would be simply amazing to see it in the game. Though I believe Konung Karl might fit better as she was actually in service later than Kronan.. cause Creutz.

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