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A cool quirk to add for a realistic touch.

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Aha, St. Elmo's fire ?

We have a winner !!! yes St Elmo's Fire a natural scientific proven phenomena that happened and was documented in several places and climates in naval history. There was much much superstition attached to this sight by sailors some considered it a ill omen some believed it was lights of angels and proof that the almighty was looking after them.

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St Elmo's Fire, phosphorescence in the water, stars in the sky!


and glow-worms on the shore when you land at midnight to bury that gold you captured from that Spanish treasure ship


"Belay that noise there or I'll have you gizzards for gaters!"

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Its the little things, the attention to detail. They have enormous impacts on a game. I would love to see what you mentioned in-game and some bioluminescence would be ohh so sweet as well. 

Something like this would be awesome


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Do they get Aurora borealis in carribbean?

That would love be nice on occasion.


Unfortunately, no. Aurora Borealis, sometimes known as the Northern Lights (Aurora Austeralis being the "Southern Lights") are the effects of when light rays from the sun interact with the discrepancies of the Earth's Magnetic field. These discrepancies only occur near the poles, where the magnetic field dips into the earth.


This can't happen near the mid section of the Earth because the Earth's Mag Field is far above the atmosphere acting as a barrier to the sun's light rays. this is a good thing as it is this Magnetic field that shields us from the suns more violent solar flares.




Auroras only occur around where the red circles label.

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