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Battle of Savo Island

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I have a question for the game creators i'm anxious to ask.

Regarding Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts;
Why Savo Island as the background for one of your still frames? I ask.

Im new,
just randomly downloaded Ultimate Admirals, and pretty much dig it, though steep learning curve as it were.

After about 2 days, i noticed the Savo Island background image,

and then I noticed the ships that were lost that day, also in the image, all 5 ships. The USS Astoria surely caught my eye.

When you look up "What was the worst naval defeat in U.S. history?" That would be the Battle of Savo Island.
So actually, it makes sense why the game creators would add that detail.


For those who did not know. Just saying.

The funny thing is, well maybe not so funny, my dad was on the USS Astoria, the evening of August 8, 1942, when it was struck and sunk by a Japanese torpedo.
Only half the crew survived.

In addition, 4 other ships were also sunk that night off the coast of Savo Island, which was the first major naval engagement of the Guadalcanal campaign.
My father, like many of that greatest generation, never spoke of the incident or the war in general. He passed away when he crashed in a private jet in 1965 while traveling out of state on a business trip. I was 6 years old , so the conversation never came up and often I wondered how he would have dealt with those memories over time.

Just thought id share that. Those heroes are slowly leaving us.


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