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List of ships and plans presented so far.

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List updated:

Van Hoorn 1700 Britain Trade ship Unrated

Beagle 1832 Britain Trade Ship Unrated
Endeavour 1768 Britain Trade ship Unrated
San Fernando 1725 Spain Ship of the line 4th
Royal Louis 1780 France Ship of the line 1st
L'Ambitieux 1680 France Ship of the line 2nd
La Sirene 1690 France Warship/Trader 3rd
Le Cygne 1806 France Small Warship 6th
De Zeven Provincien 1665 Dutch Ship of the line 2nd
Petr and Pavel 1697 Holland Frigate 5th
Kalmar Nyckel 1625 Dutch Trade Ship Unrated
Birger Jarl 1813 Sweden Frigate 5th
Orel 1669 Russia Small Warship Unrated
Wenden 1706 Danish Ship of the line 3rd

Hi, is there a reason why French barque "La Belle"1680 (With Plans) isn't added ? :)

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This list includes ship names and plans sorted by country. Use attached links to find ship plans. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------     Drop-box link

Swedish Wasa 60 gun (not the fail one the later one)   Armament was 26x24, 26x18, 8x6 pdr., and crew 490.    http://koti.mbnet.fi/felipe/html/wasa_1778.html  

I'm planning to visit the  Swedish Maritime museum in the next couple of weeks. I spoke with them earlier and they will help me check the microfilm archives for blueprints. There is still alot of doc

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The swedish ship HMS Dristigheten was built as a 64-cannons ship-of-the-line in 1785, but after a restoration in 1806 she got additional 10 cannons, making her a 74-cannons ship of the line.  I would really wish to see this beuty in the game.


Ship plans: http://samlingar.maritima.se/marketstore/servlet/export/ExportFile?RECORDID=RITN_0035445_1&POS=1&TYPE=SCREEN

More ship plans: http://samlingar.maritima.se/marketstore/servlet/export/ExportFile?RECORDID=RITN_0035445_1&POS=2&TYPE=SCREEN

Figurehead: http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dristigheten_(1785)#/media/File:Dristigheten_galjonsfigur.jpg



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The Duyfken was a nice little dutch vessel also, To build a ship a book by Robert Garvey shows pretty good insight to the building of the replica which looks amazing and quite well done from the builders bringing her back to life

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If possible the devs can add La Concorde (Queen Anne's Revenche) ? I love this ship and for a pirates it's just perfect.

If you can find plans for it then we can add it to the list. 


So far only this pirate ship is confirmed:



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Oh, for crying out loud. You gotta love it when some dummy quotes a massive post just to make a one-line reply. Could you not edit that, please? There's a reason people sometimes just write "*snip*" where the quoted text normally goes. It's so that other people don't have to scroll (and scroll, and scroll) through something they're probably already read and which is only being used to provide context. 

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Oh, for crying out loud. You gotta love it when some dummy quotes a massive post just to make a one-line reply. Could you not edit that, please? There's a reason people sometimes just write "*snip*" where the quoted text normally goes. It's so that other people don't have to scroll (and scroll, and scroll) through something they're probably already read and which is only being used to provide context.

Happy now?

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Devs just confirmed next vote will be available soon. No English or American ships will be allowed. Lets start a list!


Principe De Asturias 1794 Spain Ship of the line 1st

Reina Luisa 1791 Spain Ship of the line 1st
Purisima Conception 1779 Spain Ship of the line 1st
San Jose 1797 Spain Ship of the line 1st
Santa Ana 1784 Spain Ship of the line 1st
San Felipe 1690 Spain Ship of the line 1st
Neptuno 1795 Spain Ship of the line 3rd
Montanes 1812 Spain Ship of the line 3rd
Glorioso 1740 Spain Ship of the line 3rd
San Fernando 1725 Spain Ship of the line 4th
Unnamed 1700 Spain Ship of the line 4th
Diana 1792 Spain Frigate 5th
Santa Margarita 1772 Spain Frigate 5th
Frigate 1800 Spain Frigate 6th
Royal Louis 1780 France Ship of the line 1st
Solei Royal 1669 France Ship of the line 1st
Le Phenix 1664 France Ship of the line 2nd 
L'Ambitieux 1680 France Ship of the line 2nd
Guillaume Tell 1800 France Ship of the line 3rd 
Sans Pareil 1793France Ship of the line 3rd
La Sirene 1690 France Warship/Trader 3rd
Le Fleuron 1729 France Ship of the line 3rd 
Le Protecteur 1760 France Ship of the line 3rd
La Courone 1636 France Warship/Trade Unrated 
La Zenobie 1824 France Warship 4th 
Le Francois 1683 France Frigate 5th 
Le Boullongne 1758 France Trade Ship Unrated
L'aurore 1697 France Frigate 6th 
Le Cygne 1806 France Small Warship 6th
La Truite 1787 France Small Warship Unrated 
L'aurore 1767 France Small Warship Unrated 
Le Coureur 1776 France Small Warship Unrated 
Chebec 1700 France Small Warship Unrated   
La Belle 1680 France Trade Ship Unrated
De Zeven Provincien 1665 Dutch Ship of the line 2nd
Vrijheid 1782 Dutch Ship of the line 3rd 
Delft 1797 Dutch Ship of the line 4th
Aurora 1808 Dutch Warship 5th
Prins Willem 1649 Dutch Warship/Trade 5th 
Petr and Pavel 1697 Holland Frigate 5th
Heemskerck 1690 Holland Trade ship Unrated 
Derfflinger 1675 Dutch Trade Ship Unrated 
Unity 1768 Dutch Trade Ship Unrated 
Fluit 1 1640 Dutch Trade Ship Unrated   
Kalmar Nyckel 1625 Dutch Trade Ship Unrated
Zeehaen 1639 Dutch Trade Ship Unrated 
Friedrich Willhelm zu Pferde 1680 Germany Ship of the line 4th 
Wappen fon Hamburg 1667 Germany Ship of the line 4th 
Berlin 1674 Germany Small Warship Unrated 
Vasa 1626 Sweden Warship/Trade 4th 
Wasa 1778 Sweden Ship of the line 4th 
Venus 1783 Sweden Frigate 5th 
Birger Jarl 1813 Sweden Frigate 5th
Privateer Ship 1700 Sweden Small Warship Unrated 
Rafail 1802 Russia Ship of the line 3rd 
Azov 1826 Russia Ship of the line 3rd 
Panteleymon Victoria 1719 Russia Ship of the line 3rd 
St. Paul 1784 Russia Ship of the line 3rd 
Sviatoi Georgii Pobedonosets 1780 Russia Ship of the line 3rd 
Poltava 1712 Russia Ship of the line 4th 
St. Michael 1723 Russia Ship of the line 4th 
Olifant 1700 Russia Frigate 5th
Vostok 1818 Russia Small Warship 6th 
Shtandart 1703 Russia Small Warship Unrated 
Orel 1669 Russia Small Warship Unrated
Mercury 1819 Russia Small Warship Unrated 
Mirny 1819 Russia Small Warship Unrated 




Christian VII 1767 Denmark Ship of the line 2nd 

Dannebroge 1692 Danish Ship of the line 2nd

Christianus Sixtus 1733 Danish Ship of the line 2nd 

Wenden 1706 Danish Ship of the line 3rd

Norske Loeve 1765 Danish Ship of the line 3rd
Oldenborg 1740 Danish Ship of the line 4th   
Stralsund 1718 Danish Frigate 6th 
Raae 1709 Danish Frigate 5th  
Serenissima 1794 Italy Ship of the line 4th
Fama 1784 Italy Ship of the line 3rd


'Eendracht' 1790 Dutch Ship (With Plans)
Dutch ship of the line "Vrijheid" ("Freedom") - 1782
'Friedrich-III' Frigate 1698 (With Plans)
'Real Felipe' 1st rate, 1690 (With Plans)
Fyen, Danish 50-Gun SOL(1746)
'De Zeven Provinciën' Dutch Warship 1665 (With plans)
Spanish 4th rate, 50 guns (With plans) FAVORITE!!
'Unknown' Spanish 50-gun 4th rate 1797 (With Plans)
'Vita Örn' , 'Hvide Ørn' - Swedish/Danish/Norwegian 30 gun frigate (With Plans)
'Fenix' 1749 Spanish 80-Guns 2nd Rate (With Plans)
'Hercules' Danish Heavy Frigate, 38 Guns,1719 (With Plans)
'Saint Nicholas' , 'Святой Николай' - 44-gun frigate - 1790 (with plans)
'Anibbal' ... 3rd rates, 74 guns. (With Plans)
'Montebello' French 1st rate, 120 guns (With Plans)
Swedish Frigate 1700s 28 guns (With Plans)
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