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List of ships and plans presented so far.

Ned Loe

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I'm planning to visit the  Swedish Maritime museum in the next couple of weeks.

I spoke with them earlier and they will help me check the microfilm archives for blueprints. There is still alot of documents who hasnt been scanned yet.  The ships i'm focusing on atm are Konung Karl, Wasa, Göta Lejon , Gustaf III and Amarant.  I can check if they have anything on Kronan also. If they have any i will get the blueprints and have them scanned.


It there any other ship that could be of interest?

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check this thred out!

Queen annes revenge was not a three decker. No pirate could ever afford to run such a big ship.

She originally was a tradeship wich was upgunned to 40 cannons.


So either that homepage did mess up the previews of they didnt do the research.

I am at least happy you didnt mean the "PoC ship". Hollywood really messes history up :D

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List updated:


Van Hoorn 1700 Britain Trade ship Unrated
Beagle 1832 Britain Trade Ship Unrated
Endeavour 1768 Britain Trade ship Unrated
San Fernando 1725 Spain Ship of the line 4th
Royal Louis 1780 France Ship of the line 1st
L'Ambitieux 1680 France Ship of the line 2nd
La Sirene 1690 France Warship/Trader 3rd
Le Cygne 1806 France Small Warship 6th
De Zeven Provincien 1665 Dutch Ship of the line 2nd
Petr and Pavel 1697 Holland Frigate 5th
Kalmar Nyckel 1625 Dutch Trade Ship Unrated
Birger Jarl 1813 Sweden Frigate 5th
Orel 1669 Russia Small Warship Unrated
Wenden 1706 Danish Ship of the line 3rd
La Belle 1680 France Trade Ship Unrated
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