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If u had 30 billion to do anything you want?

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I would make me a Tiger tanks the "!Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. E"

and also make me a wooden warship from this era so i can sail where ever i want i and on every tall ship i would appear with gun salutes and free tours.


But i would also get a variety of cars and a expensive house and yacht etc but thats not the question ;)

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hmmm... I would probably use a lot to try and pull South Africa out of the descending spiral it is in, then aside from you know a house, car, all that boring stuff, probably a little brig for me to sail around on. After that I don't really know what. Probably donate a ton to science.

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1 Billion to me ....more then enough not just for me also for my grandchildern to be suited for life.

20 b to charity and sience.

9 b  to Game-labs and Naval Action :) (more then half of it they must invest in their country that has seen much  better days then now.)

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-Any technological investments I might be interested in making, mainly to help myself become immortal.
-The typical set of vehicles for fun and actual travel that a rich person should have, certainly including a custom built tall ship

-An island or something that completely belongs to me so that I may raise myself to royalty with my own kingdom, just because. Depending on if it's just a joke or a place actually worth investing in I would build my own little country there.

-Everything and anything I may want in games as I doubt I'd be able to quit playing even for a bit. Completely unique items, skills and privileges granted by higher status over others is what I wish for in my MMORPGs, money should provide this.

-Everything my love may wish to spend our money on.

-And a personal army to silence anyone who may laugh at my post.

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  • Four wars combined: The American Revolution, the Spanish American War, the War of 1812, and the Mexican War.  $15.3 billion dollars. (in 2011 dollars)

  1. Clean water for the entire planet  $10 billion

  2. Hubble Telescope at launch  $1.5 billion

Large Hadron Collider  $11 Billion

The whole TGV Fleet of SNCF (French Railways)  $4.2 billion

The fifty most expensive paintings ever sold  $5 billion

The Construction of 12 Burj Khalifa (World’s Tallest Tower)  $1.5 billion each

Two Pixars  $7.4 billion X 2

MMR Vacine for every child in the world

Top 50 college football programs  $15 billion

The London Olympics  $10.4 billion

Every Airbus A380 built in 2013  $10 billion

USS Ford aircraft carrier  $13 billion

Jamaica  $15 billion

The entire US government budget for a day  $10,460,188,800

Driver education courses for every licensed driver in America  $17 billion

World's music industry  $16 billion

Iceland  $14 billion

2014 USA National School Lunch Program budget  $9 billion

Pay Detroit's debt  $18 billion

13 "Allure Of The Seas" Royal Caribbean cruise ships  $1.4 billion each

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Give my tenants 1 year notice {edit: I'll let them stay, but won't worry about money if they move} - set son up for life - set me up for life, (what's left of it), buy new toys and, take it from there...

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Hire a really good tax attorney and figure out how much I have left over.  Then buy a nicer house, a bigger sailboat, invest and give to charities and non-profits in the maritime field.  Probably lots of travel as well; I haven't been onboard all the class-A tall ships in the world yet.

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I would use it to Investigate and prosecute any and all MP's that have broken Parliamentary Rules.

Retire to Yorkshire on a Farm and have a Dog Rescue.

Buy myself a Steam Loco,learn to drive it and build my own railway to drive it on.

Buy myself a Narrow Boat for those lazy days on the Grand Union Canal.

Buy an Austin A10 Atlantic,Facel Vega,Jag E Type and Jensen Interceptor and an old Army Land Rover.

Pay off my Relatives Mortgages and give them a few Million to play with.

Make large donations to my Favourite Charities.

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Oh goodness....I'd tithe a bit to good works that help others, I have a weak spot for children so helping the sick and infirm children would be nice. I'd set aside 1 billion for my son, to be given to him when he reaches an age that's not insane. I'd share some with my employees as we are more of a brotherhood. But really I'm already doing well (praise the lord) so I'd just love helping people.

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House, Car, Boat basics


1. Buy an average house that has some kind of access to the gulf of mexico and enough land for a medium warehouse on property and coastal access or river access to gulf to build a dock that can moor a size 50 ft or greater sailboat that is in or near a small town or light medium town size.

2. Install solar panels on the warehouse and house that generates about 3-4 times the electricity of an average large home and average battery capacity for 2 months of total darkness power capability.

3. Research an SUV that on the outside looks average but can take many internal upgrades, such as video technology, audio recording, satellite phone usage, ham radio, powerful cb radio, and better than average ground clearance, larger gas tank, trauma style medical kit and hidden storage bug out survival gear/ ammo/ weapons storage.

4. Research a boat that can cruise in almost no water at average speed, sleep 4-6, and store enough supplies for 3 month cruise easy. Research how to make that boat able to be rather self sufficient almost anywhere on the coast I could park it.

5. Research excellent security systems and escape and evade systems on and about property and home. Renovate home to be fort nox, with super security doors, windows, walls, etc.

6. Renovate warehouse to be a place that can fix almost anything.

7. Build bat cave area beneath warehouse with underground tunnel to house. 

8. Hire techs to install spy equipment in hidden locations around house and town to create a visible monitoring of 5 miles out in all directions.

9. Purchase small custom blackened out aerial drone that can fly silently and drop and pick up small packages anywhere within the 5 mile monitoring zone, even over water.

10. Build room in house for ultra monitoring and communications to include ham radio, cb, Morse code, and light singles. Store sounding cannon in this room.

11. Hire techs to duplicate non lethal defensive technologies such as sound deterrence, laser skin irritants, light confusion and all other non-leathal defensive measures for house, boat, car, and person.


Local town:

1. Create a gun store business with many types of gun ranges.

2. Have the store only open to public for the minimum time acceptable for tax purposes and any permits.

3. Stock enough guns, ammo, rations, and equipment in this store to equip a platoon of 20-30.

4. Have great sales in store every month  and use sales to help rotate perishable inventory to keep stores current for platoon at any given moment at minimum cost.

5. Build database on all customers to create friend / foe profiles for any people in town who shop at my store.


6. Create solar panel company in town

7. Offer to install solar panel equipment for almost nothing for any and all local government, police, fire, and rescue offices.

8. Secretly install video and audio monitoring equipment connected to the government solar panel equipment installations.

9. Connect feeds to bat cave.

10. build database on friend / foe profiles of townsfolk.


10-A - use feeds to discover who in office and key positions in community can be worked with.

11. Hire secret employee to run for local offices to replace any bad apples in office

12. Create massive election campaigns to get my employees elected to critical local offices, especially county sheriff.


14. If all previous plans successful, create think tank on what to do next to secure position and possibly expand.

15. use information from sheriff employee, Mayor employee, and good apples to find business opportunities in community.

16. use information from employees to help remove bad apples from city by shutting down employment opportunities of bad apples.


(re-evaluate plan and go forward.)

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I would keep a Billion for myself and use it to live like a king and look after my friends and family, the other 29 billion would be donated to various charities. If you want to know how much 30 billion really is just think that the Queen of England is "only" worth half a billion.

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You could not be that rich and help humanity. The powers of this world would not let you.


In fact all throughout history billionares have been trying to kill off humanity. A modern billionare by the name of Bill Gates actually funds one of the worlds leading global eugenics programs.


People need to realise that "cancer research" is one of the biggest frauds in history. You could throw 30bill at it and they would still not find a cure, even though there are already hundreds of natural cures that already exist which the medical industry suppresses from the public. MMR vaccine also causes austim and was designed to lower the I.Q of the population.


P.S Some of these responses are so predictable.

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