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Specific Section for Changelog and Updates

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The title is self explainatory

Would be nice to have a forum section specifically dedicated to changelog listing minor and major updates and the time it was put in place

Allows players to easily see whats new when they see their Steam client updating Naval Action.

Now as it stands,to find the changelog would be in general discussions (if im not wrong).Abit troublesome to find older changelog updates

Place it in the announcements section and lock the topic (only mods and admins can update it) so that theres no unneccessary replies and everyone can easily access it

For feedback though on the updates-maybe a separate topic in General Discussions?

Forgive me if there's been a topic on this already

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and would be nice if they used it...


edit: Also It doesn't have to be very specific in many cases... Just "Optimization" or "Bug fixes"... it doesn't always have to state what "Optimizations" or whatever are in it...

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