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Indeed, a Tonnant class ship of the line with 86 guns should be the perfect fit between the 74 bellona and a 98 guns second rate (which is also needed).

I thought The Tonnant-class and Bucentaure-class ships had 80 guns? 

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Batteries were not fixed like in modern warships, wasnt uncommon for a ship to have more guns than it was rated, and sometimes fewer if it were filling a purpose.


Id actually kind of like if when the final game is.. finalized, we have the ability to customize the ships loadouts more to reflect this. Really there are only two considerations


1. weight

2. space


What this means is that you should be able to take a 'standard' configuration, remove the guns and replace them with fewer, heavier, guns. As long as the weight distribution stays the same the ship should still handle fairly equivalently.


Likewise you may be able to cut some space for a few more guns and sacrifice handling characteristics, or downgrade all your guns in size but keep number, to be able to take on more cargo or provisions.

Things like that.

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