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The French ship Glorieux was a second rate 74 gun ship in the French Navy. Built by Clairin Deslauriers at Rochefort and launched on 10 August 1756, she was rebuilt in 1777.


She was captured by the British and she is a modest 74 with a nice stern and is fitting to be in French and Spanish Navy best but she would be a great British vessel too.



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I take this post to mean that we already have a French 74-Gun that is mostly done in game???  That is what the Screens look like to me anyway.

No, these are just random online models to show how nice the ship is. If we find plans for her we will add it to the next ship vote. 

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A little bit of necromancing here :P


Found a 3D model of the ship available for download.I am not familiar with 3D models so i will let others evaluate it.



And a model http://karopka.ru/community/user/19170/?p=2&MODEL=410844


Also another 3D model: the Superbe(Téméraire-class)



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