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Whats your desktop background?

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I have a different view as to "clean desktop". I mean, I always want to have one, but due to the non-gaming activities , there is organized chaos on my desktop.

From time to time, I do cleaning and return to the ascetic perfection, similar to the Admiral desktop.


Currently I'm using this background


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I'm a slipknot fan, i play the drums and bass guitar so i'm naturally in to rock and metal.Especially slipknot i have being listing to them for a while now ! 




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The only thing I ever accomplished EvE was my own fleet of Fenrir freighters and the flagship was named Herby.


Herby made me a proud pilot until I got ganked and all my fleet destroyed :unsure:


Alas, the shrine to Herby still stands proudly on my desktop:



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It's like the Teletubbies baby came back to save Sweden from the giant, evil, crying Elk. It's the best by far. Love the creativity. :)



WTF? I have never heard of these giant Swedish moose requiring not one but two fighter jets and a karate chopping man from the sea to vanquish!


Not my creation, got it from r/SWARJE.


The elk is not to be vanquished it's the mighty elk. Protector of the wild animals, King of the forest.   :P

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Bah! You filthy peasants! Look at what a real Danish MAN can do.

P.S, had to go make a video for you all. Took me around 1 hour 30 mins...




Rainmeter for the hexes.

DreamScene for the desktop (wmp video files only)

And a custom Windows Start screen button found of Deviant Art.


About a days work.

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