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Looks like a good start indeed however I think your smoothing groups are wrong which causes the black spots. Also for a first ship this is gonna be nearly impossible to model if you are new to it. I'

Thanks Wind, but no way. The "forum" jumps a message saying Im not allowed to use that file extension in this forum (using Imgur). Have tried almost all "standard" file formats. Anyway, I'll try post

Months later (sorry guys) the Delft looks like this. Though job as i'm not an professional in 3d models.  The model has been made via drawings of it's original builder (Pieter van Zwijndrecht) in

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4 hours ago, SteelSandwich said:

wow! really impressive to look at!

I've seen yours as wel ;) Looks also very impressive. The colours of the Delft isn't known yet, I've seen you used the artist impression of mr. Smiths that worked at the shipyard a few years back. I also read your topics about your research. The plans are indeed of the Hercules wich was captured at Camperdon. Because of the losses of the Delft and it's brave fight the Hercules was renamed as 'Delft'. The Hercules/Delft was used as a Prisonhulk.  At the NMM in Greenwich the plans of the book shows up to, but these drawings where made after the battle. The plans in the book itself are Dutch. 

I made clear to myself that you are a dutchman? (praat voor mij wat makkelijk ;) ) If you need some information for your model i can probably help. 



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14 hours ago, Haratik said:

I'm still not entirely grasping how you set up plans for a ship in Blender or any other modeling program.  None of the video tutorials really show how this is done.  Any assistance?

Honestly, I just eyeball it based off what I got in my head. I think you can add the plans as like a "background" for the scene so you can have the plans in-program, and to line up your model's points.

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that is some nice 3D work my problem is finding large clear drawings as I use solidworks and want to do a ship in solidworks full blown every little part and detail interior and exterior at full scale for something like a 32 gun frigate. so far I find drawings at like 1200 x whatever and they are too small I need something closer to 7-10k x whatever

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