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Looks like a good start indeed however I think your smoothing groups are wrong which causes the black spots. Also for a first ship this is gonna be nearly impossible to model if you are new to it. I'

Thanks Wind, but no way. The "forum" jumps a message saying Im not allowed to use that file extension in this forum (using Imgur). Have tried almost all "standard" file formats. Anyway, I'll try post

Months later (sorry guys) the Delft looks like this. Though job as i'm not an professional in 3d models.  The model has been made via drawings of it's original builder (Pieter van Zwijndrecht) in

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For the most part ships like these are NOT done "free-hand".  That is to say the artist will not have to guess and make a ship by trial and error.  You use a set of engineering blueprints from various books, or websites hosting blueprints of ships.  They show the side view of a ship, as well as a front/back half view with the shape of the hull at each rib.


Then you just draw the hull lines to match the prints, one rib at a time.


Textures are nothing more than .jpg pictures that you "paint" onto any surface of your 3D model.  For my own ships I actually paint a wooden hull texture onto a flat rectangle.  After that I slice up the rectangle into a grid that lines up with engineering print I have pasted into the background of my 3D program as a reference image.  For my program it is just simpler to do that than try to line up curves and such after the hull is made.3_D_program.jpg

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3D studio Max is probably the most common 3D art program there is.  Maya is also popular, but it is a professional level program and will take a long time to learn how to use it.


I use a program called Anim8or.  It has the benefit of being free.  It has the disadvantage of being somewhat lacking in some areas, most notably the ability to put straight textures onto things that are curved.  Hence the reason I texture objects as flat squares, and then turn those flat squares into ship hulls.


I'm completely self taught, by the way.  I just play around with it and got better over time.

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