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Books on the French, Spanish, or Dutch Navies?

Joshua Barney

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I have been reading this one.

The Age of the Ship of the Line: The British & French Navies, 1650-1815

It talks alot about the political climate, which includes the treatment of Naval budgets & administration at that time. Many comparison between France & England. Though Spain & Dutch Navies are discussed, only in the context as allies to France & England.


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Apologies for resurrecting this, am about to do a post on the following book.  You should find it enlightening:


"Trafalgar and the Spanish Navy:  The Spanish Experience of Sea Power" by John D. Harbron


An excellent read into the Spanish Navy during the 18th century.

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Want to know why the french navy got roflstomped in the Seven Years War and yet managed to play a key role in the War of American Independence only fifteen years later?


Then this is the book for you:




When you get your navies sunk as much as the French did it does incredible things for the efficiency of your naval industry, its no wonder the french got so good at building ships :D

Also I have always been tempted by this book, its a shame theres not something in the series that extends onto the slightly later period as with the french and british counterparts in the series.



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