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Let's name the taverns in the open world

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There will be a lot of ports in the open world and those ports will have taverns for sailors to recreate between those voyages. Let's get some names for the devs to use. I'll periodically add entries

The Busty Wench 

wow.. thanks.. we did not think of that..  Will consider implementing once virtual taverns appear in cities. 

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The Jolly Taxpayer

The Nobody Inn

Bunch Of Carrots

The Quiet Woman

The Cat And Custard Pot

The Three Legged Mare

The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn

The Q Inn

The Hung Drawn And Quartered

The Swan With Two Necks

The Case Is Altered

The Skiving Scholar

The Pyrotechnists Arms

I Am The Only Running Footman

The Drunken Duck

The Bull And Spectacles

The Gate Hangs Well

The Goat And Compasses

The Legend Of Oily Johnnies

My Father’s Moustache

The Bucket Of Blood

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