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The little(er) ship that could

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First game in my Surprise... yup, i think im gonna like it, ALOT. Just like in hollywood (I channeled all my inner Russell Crow) , i went up against very tough odds and won.






MM was not very kind, in the end it was a Trinc (oddball) and me vs. a Victory at about 85% health/armor with no bowsprit. I had a damaged rudder and pump, but 2 repairs still left. Our trinc eventually overshot the vic and ripped. At this point I thought, well might as well farm as much as i can before i go down... Victory vs. Surprise, not the best odds. I stern camped like a boss (all because of RamJB's great vids) and he never managed to fire of a broadside on me. New highest dmg for me, before that it was 8K... and longest game at 40 minutes.


GG all aroud

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