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Getting further annoyed with how parts are distributed across all hulls...

Custom battle, 1940 - there are parts that would allow to perfectly recreate the Tribal-class destroyer, yet I CANNOT recreate it because a hull that looks like for it doesn't have all of those parts I need available for it, yet trying different almost similar hull & I don't different needed parts!


Could you believe it - there are certain parts (hull, turrets, funnels, towers, barbettes, etc) with which certain real existed ships could have been recreated with ease, but it's not possible because you can't get the needed combination of parts for the certain hull you chose!

Example - Japanese Fubuki-class destroyer:


There are funnel parts that look like that, but they belong to different hull which has shorter aft deck & that hull doesn't have the exact front tower needed.

Will shipbuilder ever be UNLIMITED? ANY parts that are in game for a given year be compatible & available for ANY hulls of the given year - ?

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