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Battle casualties of the land wars


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June 1907 - starting postition.

There is a classic meat grinder between Russia and Austria.


Statistics of warring countries at the beginning of the study. Next, I will focus on Russia, as it has larger losses.


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Well, I think that losses in battles do not affect the population and the army enough.

I understand that not all of these losses are killed in action. And that the population has a natural increase, and the army is replenished by mobilization. But the total loss of 200 000 in one month is a lot. However, you won't actually see that it significantly affects a warring country. All these millions of losses mean nothing, and such meat grinders can continue for decades without significant consequences.

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So in total for 5 months:

Losses: 881101

Army: -15192

Home Population: -300

Other population: -3220

For comparison, Battle of the Somme lasted 140 days. The British and French lost about 600k people, of which about 140k KIA.

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