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@Nick Thomadis & whoever is responsible for reading the forum for bugs/suggestions, doing changes with the game & then posting on forum about what they did:


I'm getting sick of this already...

Back then when the game was of 1.04 version I could recreate the Bremen-class German light cruisers almost fine. Those were early 1900s ships, but with how the parts are connected to wrong years in Custom Battles, I have to choose 1895 in order for parts to look correctly. Those CLs had 10 105mm main guns, 4 of which were in casemates. It was already wrong that casemates of that certain CL hull can only fit 51 & 76mm guns. Alright, no biggie - I still had all those 10 105mm guns in turrets installed on main deck. So with that hull/towers/funnels/turrets parts combined I got a fine looking Bremen-class cruiser.

But many updates after, in the current version, when trying to recreate that Bremen-class CL I get THIS:


How am I able to have 10 105mm guns if they look now like this & don't even fit?!

Developers intentionally or unintentionally ruining the stuff that was before & worked flawlessly - is exactly the reason why I lost interest for the first time in this game a year ago. Now I came back & find EVEN MORE stuff got ruined!

Just look at all those French turrets that were introduced in 1.06 update - how am I supposed to have 274mm side main guns in those certain places for them if 1.06 turrets simply don't fit there?


Yet before the 1.06 update I COULD fit 279mm guns in there just fine because turrets were correct!

I first posted about it back in august 2022 & now more than a year after, after many updates, the once ruined stuff stays ruined & forgotten just fine.

Bring back all those turrets that were fitting/working fine & let there be a choice in the game to install either this version of this gun caliber or that version or different version, whatever would fit & work!

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