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Chinese Localization NEEDS IMPROVEMENT!!!

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I'm grateful to you devs for adding Chinese language support, but I have to say it still needs a lot of improvement.

Just look at the comment section on Steam.


All of the top comments are literally talking about poor localization.


1:Everything is machine-translated without any proofreading and without any respect [to the players]. Even the translation of the main menu and the start screen of the campaign is full of translation errors + typesetting errors. I‘m at a loss for words when I found out that "新战役"(new campaign) has been translated into "新运动"(new sport).
[I guess I should] thank you for not translating "3月"(March, the third month of the year) into "进军"(March, walk in a military manner).
The devs are obviously like"I have added Chinese, what do you guys want!".

2:The translation is terrible. (the original review has some bad language)

3:Originally, I heard that official Chinese support has been added, so I downloaded the game again to play [it] and [considered] leaving a good review [for the Chinese support]. But as a result, when I entered the game, it become very obvious that [the devs] just use some crap machine translation to fool people. If [you] can't do it properly, [you] might just well don't bother it.
I'll change to good review when [the devs] will take Chinese localization seriously.

4:Originally I could understand the English [version of the game], but I can’t understand a single word of the machine translated Chinese that has been added. I feel like I’ve learned Chinese for nothing.

5:It is recommended to optimize the localization. The machine translation is just awful.


TL;DR: The current state of the Chinese Localization is so bad that it actually affect normal gameplay, and this made people really mad.


Now, I understand you are not a huge studio and probably can't afford paying for professional translation service.

But the community are always there. For example I actually wrote a comment about this in the "update 1.1" article on Steam. I believe many others reached out as well.

Sure, we might not be the most helpful and the most professional ones, but lots of us do have basic knowledge about naval history/terminology and do have a sufficient level of English skill to play the game for hundreds of hours. Mostly, we are confident that we can do better than this horrible machine translation. 


When you devs announced the full release of the game a day after update 1.1, I was really disappointing. But I'm really glad that you devs promised to continue support the game with new content and fixes on the following Friday. Although I have to say that I don't agree with all of the changes in 1.2 and 1.3, also not all of the features you devs promised are implement yet in game. But I can see how much love and effort you devs put into this game and your determination to make the game even better.

And so does the community. Just like I said, a lot of us spent hundreds of hours on this game, and we certainly want to see a finished, well-polished game -- that include good translations. We also love the game deeply, and we are willing to help you with the game's translation.



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In fact, some players have already spontaneously created translation files, although not perfect, which are at least more accurate than the translation files currently used in the game. Do the authorities have any idea of incorporating these files?

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Hi, even the English language colour commentary accompanying photographs suffer both from errors of fact and poor, non-fluent use of English. Literally every one of the commentaries needs rewriting. Using the present English version as "master" to translate to any other language feels a thankless task that may need to be redone.

Obvious error of fact: "Admiral Wm. C Pakenham" versus "Admiral Wm. C Packenham" (look at photograph itself).

Another: The description of how radar works is a bit dubious. Radar 1 probably shouldn't mention microwave wavelengths.

There are some inconsistencies between different commentaries covering the same ships or events. I don't know which is right but they can't all be.

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