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Japans most beautiful lady, Atago

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Hello everyone, I'm joining this forum quite late in the development I had been waiting for the game to mature for quite some time and finally jumped in during the last Steam sale. I've been playing around with the game and quite enjoying it! 

However I have one issue the most beautiful heavy cruiser of WWII is missing from the game almost completely! Atago. 

While you can use the Modern II hull to recreate the gun layout of Atago and her sisters the super structure and towers are impossible or not available.  I fully realize with the design of building your own ships that every variant and subtle detail of WWII ship architecture is just not going to be there. However not having this ship I think is a shame. 

I suspect I am not alone in desiring to seeing a ship like this in the game.

Atago 3.jpg

Atago 4.jpg

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