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Hangs and crashes, Campaign, Proton Experimental, App ID 1069660, Build ID 11654920

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Once every 3-4 times the game will hang on "Loading World" on Proton Experimental (the steam default for compatibility mode).
(Ryzen 7 7800X3D, Nvidia 3090 RTX) 

Initial situation: Install game on Proton Experimental. Load a reasonably far progressed campaign save (say 1918 or so).

To Replicate: Run game as per initial situation:   Switch back and forth between battle to world, or switch back and forth from ship design screen. Normal Loading World takes << 1minute, but after a couple of switches back and forth the game will appear to hang.

Game also hangs if alt-tabbed out, or if screen-saver comes on:

To replicate: Run game as per initial situation:   Alt-Tab out,  or set screen saver to come on after a suitably short period (say 1 minute). On switching back, Sound may continue to play, but screen will either no longer update or be black. 


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Proton 7.0-6 does not seem to solve the issues I'm seeing
I'm currently testing with proton 6.3-8 which is reported as "perfect" in protondb, nevertheless I do sometimes still see crashes on "Loading World"

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I'm wondering if it's nothing to do with proton now. Is there a way to get a campaign save to you? (the list of accepted file types for the forum doesn't seem to cover it?)  Possibly it might  crash for you too.

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