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$50 for a game in beta offering only 1 of 2 campaigns.

Seems a bit stiff to me.

I tend to refrain from buying early releases.

Of course, they could give it to me for free and I'd be delighted to make a few videos for the game. 😉

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I completely agree - but since I am fortunate enough to not have to worry too much about money I gladly support companies that actually invest time and effort into developing games like these in the hopes that they continue doing so...


I remember not too long ago being rathr disappointed in this company's handling (or rather NOT handling) a very kindly written email in inquriing about the status of this game... 
but I guess they appear to be holding up their side by actually having stuck with this game's development....


let us hope that once released they stick to the development like they did with all their other games thus far!



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Eagerly awaiting this one a gladly will pay the $49 even with initial less content.  I would have bought it anyway at full release so not much of a downside to buy it now and get early play time with it.

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Only so much a soldier is willing to take or go for before losing faith in leadership and the cause. If ever the revolution was at any risk, it's when silence, apathy and lack of inspiring deeds leads to folks jumping ship and the need for news -any news!- wanes. 

Whether this is still worth "the times that tries men's souls?" *shrugs*

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