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Toggle for Unit overhead icons?

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What a gorgeous game! The units and terrain look absolutely stunning! For me at least, the overhead icons for troop strength and unit type detract quite a bit from the overall look. Will those be an option. I believe that by not having them present, the game will look much better and it will add a bit of difficulty for the player and require attention to details on the battlefield and the need to estimate enemy stregth. Optional of course, since some people prefer to get info at a glance. Oh, I almost forgot! When is release? LOL!

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On 3/21/2023 at 5:06 PM, WilliamTheIII said:

There is no release date as of yet. Devs have mentioned that the game is playable and they are working on polishing the game for an early access release which should be soon tm. 

Was this info posted on their discord?

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