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I am also interested to participate.


Previous games: Cossacks series, Total War series (+ darthmod), ArmA series, Men of War series. I'm currently bêta testing Men of War 2.


- AMD Radeon™ HD 6950 Graphics 1GB (no SLI/Crossfire) Catalyst 12.10 drivers
- AMD FX 8120 Eight-Core Processor @4.1GHz
- Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 Mainboard
- G.Skill 8 GB DDR3-1866 RAM
- Windows 7 x64

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Hey I would love to test the game I have 2 of the total wars civilization 3 4 and 5 age of empires with expansion packs 1-3 and rise of nations. I love the civil war I'm always interested in anything to do with the war let me know what I would need to do to be able to test it for yah guys

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Message box still empty! So here goes with a more official submission:


PC specs

i7 4820k 3.7GHz

GTX 770


win 7 home pro


I have alpha and beta tested numerous games before (by tested I mean actually testing rather than just joining a "beta" marketing stunt) including Mount & Blade Warband, Napoleonic Wars, Age of Conan, NTW, Intruders and a few others. I love strategy and tactical games, I'm pretty solid when it comes to history and realism and have been intimately involved in the production of three indie titles so my suggestions and feedback will probably be from a more informed background in terms of gameplay.

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Guessing you guys probably have requests coming out of your ears, but what the hell. ;)


I've played a vast assortment of tactical strategy games, including the entire Total War series, the Histwar series and Cossacks II. It goes without saying then that I have a passion for accurate, historical war games, and an interest in history itself. Honestly, I haven't been involved with many beta tests (though I'm currently in one that I'm not supposed to say :P ), but I do a bit of game design/development work as a hobby and have worked with my own games, and a few mod teams, in areas of graphical content and UI design. 

Ultimately, my interest is in helping get the game to workable states rather than to play it early. :)


My specs:


Intel i5 2500K 3.30 Ghz

nVidia GF GTX 560 Ti


Windows 7 Home Premium


A little on the low side, but then again, I've always been useful in testing the... uh... budget computer ranges. :D

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I would also like to apply for beta testing. I have little to no strategy experience, but I watch a lot of youtube vids on it. I have some beta testing experience with hearthstone. 


If it holds any significance in the picking process, here are my specs.



CPU TYPE: Intel® Core™ i3-3110M CPU @ 2.40GHz



VIDEO CARD MODEL: Intel® HD Graphics 4000


VIDEO CARD DRIVER: igdumd32.dll




DOWNLOAD SPEED: 762.04 kB/s (6.1 mbps)

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I'm also very much interested.


I have done beta-testing for numerous games; the most relevant for you possibly being several of Slitherine's tactical and strategic games, and am known to provide regular feedback after each beta update. I also have some minor modding experience from the Take Command-games, for what it's worth.



Just figured I'd add my specs:


"Two 'NVIDIA GeForce TITAN's in SLI. (Latest drivers.) 
'Intel Core i7-3960X'.
64-BIT 'Windows 7 Ultimate'.
'Creative SB X-FI Titanium'. (Latest drivers.)"
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Hell, ill apply.

Ive done closed testing for RAGE and Doom 3 BFG Edition, ive also tested both starcraft 2s that are out, as well as heroes of the storm and Hearthstone. Im also really enjoying titanfall right now.


A little bit of background, im a HUGE strategy game fan, ever since I got introduced to Shogun: Total War, and Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun in the 90's, and that was enhanced with the later Total War games, which I couldnt play without Darthmod. :)

Sepcs are:

Windows 8.1 64-bit pro
Asus Sabertooth 990fx r2.0
16 GB memory
Three way SLI GTX 770s(4GB version)
AMD FX 8350(4 GHz)
160 GB SSD with 40 GBs free
1 TB HDD with 500 GBs free

Email me at tormidal133@yahoo.com

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If you are still looking for Betatesters, maybe i could help ;)    i have some free time right now, there is no point working on R2 mods right now anyway..



right now i have:

i5 2500K,8Gb RAM, GTX760

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Hi there!

I'd also like to be beta tester for you project.

I am 22 years old and from germany.

I took part in several closed and open beta tests in other games yet (e.g. company of heroes, supreme commander).

Currently im playing the American Civil War mod for empire total war and Day-Z. I was always a fan of the Darthmod for any total war game.



UPDATE: Since I've read there will be 50-60 testers for the steam version, I want to make clear that, besides this post was quite some time ago, im still more than willing to be one of your testers. Checking the forum everyday for news.

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Hello everybody,


I'm playing computer games for 25 years now, and was part of developements teams (within the Warcraft 3 Editor) myself.


Currently im looking for a new challenge, and Ultimate General might be the game where i find a new home, not to mention that DarthMod is involved, which is a reason to buy on its own...


Being part of the developement/beta testing would be an honor...





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Time to make first post then, I guess. 

It might be my first, but I'm a longtime lurker and read the blog since last fall. It's a very promising and beautiful looking game you're developing.


I've tested several games, including Alea Jacta Est and Civil War 2 for AGEOD/Slitherine. That doesn't mean I'm only into turnbased strategy, I also play real-time tactics, of course Total War (since the very first Shogun) but also the Take Command/Scourge of War Series. 

Also the Civil War is one of my favorite conflicts and seeing you might wan't some testers I thought it would be a good Idea to throw my hat in the ring. I don't have the time to test it right now, as my legal-exams are around the corner but if you still need someone at the beginning of May you can count me in.

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Huge fan of all your work! Hey Im a strategy geek and started at 9 when I beat my uncle at Avalon Hill's Africa Corps. I am also a disabled vet so have plenty of time on my hands to do Beta/focus testing. Would be honored to roll up my sleeve and pitch in!



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I can' tout any prerequisites that would make me more qualified to beta test your games. I am an artist and I love your graphics...in Gettysburg and the Naval Action game and would love to play them both. To be able to participate in the beta would be wonderful. So I am putting my name out here for consideration.


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Edit: I currently do not have the time anymore to test so I retract my offer for now. :(


I would also like to put myself up for beta testing.


I am mostly a coop and singleplayer gamer when it comes to strategy games, so the great AI really intrigues me. I usually find that in war sim games, but the graphics and atmosphere this tries to deliver, while bringing the difficulty of hard opponents to a broader audience strikes me as a great way to go.


Information about me:

I am a 30 year old IT specialist for program development, though I do not code right now, I mostly script in Powershell. I use Windows 7 64bit on an Intel i5 2500, 6GB RAM with an Nvidia GTX 570.

I have tested several games, most of them recently have come from early access and Kickstarter backed projects. I have also tested a few games for publishers prior to their release (for example one was gameplay and bugtesting in a strategy game, the other was localisation in a grand strategy simulation game). With the recent flood of new games prior to release, one thing has become clear to me and that is if a game does not interest me and I do not feel compelled to improve it, with the amount of early access games, I just switch to other games. So one needs to feel really compelled by a game from the start to continue its testing. I think I would like to betatest by preordering, this way I feel like I have spent something and feel compelled to make it a great product that I want to play. I would of course still be happy to betatest without purchasing it.


Hope that wasn't too long winded, but I know finding good testers can be really difficult. Looking forward to line battles and maneuvering strategies in the current generation. :)

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I'm currently wrapping up a PhD in cognitive psychology. I don't mind offering to beta test (although I'm mac only I'm afraid).


I'm not a great coder (I code in MATLAB) but I can offer to maybe combine my psychology knowledge with my limited understanding of modelling to maybe assist with some of the battle mechanics relating to psychological factors (maybe this could tie in with AI too). 


I offer this on a pro-bono level.

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