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China 1920 start infomation

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The 1920 start info is completely wrong.

The communist was not the major faction.
The KMT was the Nationalist was the strongest
the KMT and communist shared power but the communist was the junior partner .
and no the KMT was not exactly a democratic party fully it was pretty authoritarian (edited)
Yes they wanted democracy but the situations at the time prevented. (edited)
and it was not the coummunist or the KMT that overthrown the qing dynasty but the Tongmenghui
the Tongmenghui later became the KMT
in the 1920 china was fractured into warlords
The KMT and the communist only held part of the south mostly Guangdong Province.
also the Beiyang Government was the official international recognized government of china but they been beat in the constitution protection war. the Beiyang Government in the 1920 was nothing but a hollow shell. (edited)
The strongest faction in china was the kmt/communists supported by the USSR in the south and Manchurian Fengtian government by japan
and part of the navy defected the Beiyang Government to the KMT and Nationalist (edited)
the rest of the navy was captured by the KMT/CCP

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