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All of my comments below are relate to coastal locations. I see no point in pondering if inland zones have any value to the game at this time, aside from supplying suitable resources to its nearest coastal locations. Raw materials, crew recruitment potential etc.


Major Naval countries of the world have a historically good starting infrastructure already in place.
Assuming we have historical placement of the Nations perhaps pre determined towns/harbours reflect a point in history for creating start locations for each nation involved.

(Any country that the game has starting Flags for perhaps)


Major Ports.

Defences, Known Resources, Major Ship Building facilities, Dry Docks, Major Economic Districts. Expensive Player investment area.


Lesser Ports.
Minor Defences, Some known Resources, Minor Ship Careening facilities, Minor Economic District. Average Player investment area.


Minor location.
Fishing Village, Unknown Resources, Undeveloped. Cheap Player investment area.
(Possible player selected locations, Pin on a coastline map - we'll build here)


Lesser and Minor could be reclassified as Player investment expands them, or indeed they are targetted and reduced due to military action. Some restrictions on what can be developed until reaching a higher classification. (No Major ship building facilities if the rest of the location has remained the basic fishing village etc.)

Each stretch of coast no matter how remote would have the potential to become a player base area by upgrading a 'fishing village', Not only providing Guilds a base to work from but the investment will potentially locate a good raw material resource, and create somewhere that may be worth defending and fighting over.


Minor Nation Champions

It may even be possible for guilds to decide that they wish to champion a minor nation and if they are the only guild doing so, they can 'vote' for which major coalition they become allied to.

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Actually a list of real locations with referential entries for depth would help a lot when creating the places.  Player Invested locations could be present as freeports, and actually there was innumerable locations like this through all the maritime empires. Portugal Crown actively supported the private enterprises and Feitorias run by entrepreneurs everywhere in the empire.


Overall it is quite interesting is, when the prototype is presented we can setup a library of locations and assets for further development of OW.

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