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Max allowed gun on DD changed to 12 inch (Mod)


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UPDATED mod here: 




So, after some talking with a fellow UAD enjoyer they mentioned a monitor in UAD and I decided to make a mod that allows you to build one somewhat... (Considering combining this mod with the MK5 one along with the hull mod)





Known issues:

  • Bugged reload on higher caliber guns on DDs when having extremely barrel lengths (Reduce barrel length to fix)
  • TRs don't alway have guns on them (It's a random chance if they have guns or not but it should atleast have 4 to 10) 

Installation: Go to steam click on UAD right click, click on properties then go to local files finally click browse. Once the folder opens up click on Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts_Data and finally copy over the new resources.assets and click replace. (Note: If you want to easily switch back make a backup of resources.assets first!) 

To uninstall: Delete the resources.assets file and replace with a backup or delete it and verify through steam 


Download link: https://dl.orangedox.com/oFuE1n9hHpm09ppncS



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