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Gun mod update! (Includes slight AI changes, late tech boosts and more!


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Back again! This update is the final version until I release the AI change mod I'm working on.. Feel free to leave suggestions on what you'd like changed I might change it in a mod 

To install: download the file, go to your (Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts_Data) folder and copy this file and click replace. (If you want to easily revert make a backup of resources.assets first!) Any bugs you encounter do not report to the devs instead feel free to leave a comment or ping me on the discord server Sapphire#0616

To uninstall: Delete the resources.assets file and replace with a backup or delete it and verify through steam 

Changes are:

  • Gun length, diameter changed (max length: 70 min: -100) (Diameter: 2.9) (Updated from 60 to 70)
  • Tech: If tech is late by 5 years it's boosted 5x 
  • Increased crew modifier
  • Changed AI legendary GPD income multiplier 
  • Changed how long the shipyard takes to upgrade from 24 months to 16
  • Max tonnage built per upgrade in the shipyard
  • The research tree will show research times (Down to 5 months) 
  • AI will now refit more often (New)
  • AP fire chance is reduced slightly (New)
  • You can now decline a peace offer and keep a war going (No more pesky goverment) 
  • Other goodies

Known issues: 

  • Making gun length -100 makes the barrel disappear (Applies to all guns although some have issues even at -85) Looking into this but it's likely will stay 
  • Shell disappears midflight when having shorter barrels (Looking into this) 
  • The same bug that armor values once had (Open and close the editor and it should fix it)
  • Italian 11-incher has a bugged reload when barrel length is at 50% or higher (Looking into it)
  • Casemate diameter to +2.9 does not noticeably change penetration 


Download link: https://dl.orangedox.com/7BpoJFOw0DeYz2us6V




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