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Suggestion: Canal and rammifications

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From what I have heard many other nations are going to be joining the new campaign and canals will be included. I have some further suggestions involving canals. Historically American ships were built to the Panamax restriction, aka the maximum dimensions a ship could have and still pass. Certain ships were built with ongoing expansions to the canal in mind as they would meet the new dimensions but not the current ones.


I am suggesting that canals have maximum dimensions and ships above those cannot use them. The owners of said canal can upgrade the canal size in exactly the same manner as shipyard size is upgraded now. It may even allow larger cargo ships resulting in a larger peacetime boon or lesser if the canal is undersized for the times. In the ship designer you should be able to turn on restrictions with a toggle that will keep your design within the appropriate beam, draft, and displacement or simply state "hull too large" if the hull you are designing cannot be reduced enough in size.

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