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Suggestion: Draft affecting accuracy and rate of fire

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I think another design trade-off to consider is weather affecting low situated guns. As some ppl like to make their ships smaller targets by increasing their draft, however IRL this presented real challange for the ship - in extreme cases even for her seaworthiness (USS Monitor) but to her guns even with moderate draft increase/shorter freeboard (Scharnhorst had some serious issues with the very front turret when facing bigger waves, but practically every casemate secondaries were totally unsuable in very rough weather).

I think for game purpose there could be accuracy and rate of fire penalty taking in account gun's position above the water and current weather state - the worse the weather then progressively bigger the penalty for the guns closer to the water level

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As far as I'm aware, draft in this game is represented as having a taller (and heavier) hull, rather than a lower-sitting one. Basically, a larger ship rather than reduced freeboard. To add to that, I'm pretty sure changing draft does have some minor effect on gun accuracy.

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