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Entered last battle with two light cruisers heavily damaged one at 0% health...

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I have tracked down the problem. This is related to ships that previously sank in other battles but then were mothballed when I was setting crews.

The problem has been that sunk ships are showing up in the Fleet tab as 'Normal'. Then when you set crew they have zero crew. In the past, I would just click OKAY which then reset the ship from sunk to mothballed. Then adding crew the ship was back.

Those ships are the ones that are showing up heavily damaged in fights straight out of port.

Again, I recommend that if a ship were sunk in a battle in the same month, they do not appear at all in the Fleet tab. They are showing as the wrong status. (
'Normal' instead of 'Sunk') But I see no reason they should even appear there at all.

The workaround to this is, if you find a ship in your fleet tab with zero crew, click CANCEL instead of OKAY. The status will not change and the following month things will be normalized.

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