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Weight Offset needs a rework. (Image inside)

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Image attached that pretty much speaks for itself, everything is either on the centre point of the ship or behind it and yet still there is a Fore weight offset. . .


This is the worst example I have seen on the Battlecruiser V but in general the mass centre points seem off on a lot of ships. I have a feeling I know why it's doing it, because of the main tower, even though it's basically on the centre point. But even so having the turret so far from the centre of mass to the rear with the aft tower seem to have no impact at all. 




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Judging by where your funnel is located, I would say that the largest factor to your weight offset is where your engine and machinery spaces are located. I can't really see the small red rectangle that indicates "the engines and machinery are here" in your picture, so I can't say for sure, but I would suggest moving your funnel towards the rear of the ship or swapping the one big funnel for two smaller funnels so it shifts your engine rooms backwards. The way it works in game right now, the engine rooms are centered under your funnels. If you have one funnel, your engine rooms are placed directly under it. If you have two or more funnels, the engine rooms are centered between the furthest forward and furthest rearward funnel. Past that, I do agree that some hulls are very hard/nearly impossible to balance...but sometimes it just takes some patience and creativeness to get a ship "decently" balanced.

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Yeah, it's something I noticed with British BB hulls (haven't tried BC's). I don't know if there is actually something wrong, or if it's just a feature of British BB/BC hulls I hadn't encountered before. But yeah, the weight distribution is confusing. You basically can't stack enough aft-weight to balance a single main turret up front. I thought about just putting a large secondary turret upfront and stacking up all my mains on the tail. 

Seems a little odd. 

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I noticed something weird while building a british BC (I think it was BC hull IV). After I had shrunk and expanded the displacement a few times, I was unable to place a barbette/gun on the upper deck any more.  It kept trying to place itself at the level of the lower deck level, i.e. it was burying itself into the hull. The mounting points had gotten stuck in a configuration for a certain displacement, which didn't match the actual displacement as set by the slider. I tried fiddling around with displacement/beam/draught to get it to work but to no avail. But when I exited/restarted the builder it worked fine. 

While doing this I noticed you could end up with some massive fore weight offsets. I think it's most prominent when you take the model all the way down to the minimum displacement and then up to the maximum displacement. I suspect that the center of balance might be also getting stuck in the wrong spot, and not corresponding to the displacement as set by the slider. Some previous tests with the placement of guns kind of suggested this. I might test this out further tonight, but yeah, something seems a little weird, especially when you expand out multideck hulls. I've never noticed any of this with single deck hulls.



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