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Adjacency and collateral target accuracy bug.

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Starting at least since 1.06 and up to 1.08 I've noticed that if a ship moves in front of the target that rounds are FAR more likely to hit the blocking ship over the targeted ship. That's fine. Except It's such a strong effect that fleet battles mostly turn into a decision of not which ship to target, but which ship is CLOSE to your target and aim at THAT instead.
Low arcing projectiles exacerbate it. It's gotten so bad that a battleship floated in front of a stopped CL and the BB was sunk first.

I know that blocking incoming shells is a thing. But something is screwing with the hit-chance and suddenly EVERY incoming round stops even rolling to hit the target and instead just plain hits the blocking ship.
Same with incoming and outgoing fire. Rounds stop rolling chances of hitting and suddenly fire perfectly accurately and ALL hit the blocking ship.
Makes it especially weird when all of a sudden any ships in the same division just don't have this happen to their friendly fire.
Separate division have MURDEROUS friendly fire, but switch divisions and poof, the rounds stop hitting your own ships

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