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"Gun Length" search shows nothing about this so here are two issues i noticed :


 - Gun Length setting has a way too high impact on Accuracy, tweaking the gun length +-20% roughly changes accuracy from +200% to -75%, while other parameters such as weight and rate of fire are changed by about +-30%. 

A maxed out gun is arround 3 times as accurate while firing only 30% less, this means a maxed out gun has about twice the effective dps of a standard gun , on the other hand a shortened barrel will suffer from terrible accuracy for a comparatively very minor rate of fire boost and a bit of weight saving resulting in awful effective dps. This isn't balanced in any way

The bonus to accuracy from gun length is so high the player has no alternative to maxed out gun length in order to maximize effective dps. Moreover, since the AI builder randomly tweak that setting it will randomly produce completely useless guns that never hit anything, thus further crippling AI competitivness and reliability, which then reduce campaign enjoyability for the player. It also doesn't make any sense with how guns work IRL.

Since most parameters change in the +-30% range, i guess/hope the reason for the +200% accuracy boost is a missplaced comma in the calculation, which should be very quick to hotfix down to the +-30% range awaiting any further re-balancing

Fixing this issues should then help with general balancing since it will be easier to tweak accuracy buff/debuff when guns are not randomly insanely accurate/inaccurate 


 - Gun diameter impact on accuracy and other parameters ( weight, damages... ) are not continuous from a gun size to an other, leading to wide and senseless discrepancies between 13.9 and 14inch guns of the same Mk for exemple : the former being much more accurate at the cost of a slight damage and rate of fire reduction.

Once again it produces situations where maxing out the setting provides by far the best effective dps, especially when guns are of different Mk

Gun's parameter should be continuous from a size to the next one, increasing diameter should change every parameter toward that of the next bigger gun, it could take current Mk into account and increasing the diameter of a mk3 5incher should actually degrade its efficiency if only mk2 6incher are developped


Customization is about providing alternatives and side-grades to the customer, the current state of those settings actually prevent any strategy other than maxed out gun Length and often maxed out Diameter too.

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