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The game needs some UI improvement, perhaps


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I'd like to talk something about campaign map and shipyard. Firstly, map. It looks different to me due to the map projection. The continent, Europe, is the same size of the Mediterranean in the world map I read. And I though Nice faced the Atlantic. I feel kind of tough to operate without a direct sight on the map, and I want a nice ruler to measure every straight and broken line on the map. Besides, the map contains little information. Position of fleet is the only useful message. Income, tech, port facility status? Have to dig them out from separated lists. The shipyard is on the contrary. It's too flat in the left and right. Roll over and over again while design. Something strongly associated with the very part, ammo with gun, radar with tower, for example, should be removed from left and added into a right click menu of the part. As for bottom, I have to click five times (main guns, central guns, xx", double, mount) to mount a main gun. Pick and mount, it usually takes two in most game. The details move to the right click menu. And mount the position of barbette only. If disliked the position of first gun, I could delete and choose another position without five times torture.

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